Wialon GPS platform til PET400

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Det er med stor tilfredshed, at Secureshop nu kan tilbyde Wialon GPS platform (pc og app) til PET400 GPS sporer til hunde og katte. Secureshop har været med i hele processen, test og godkendelse hos Wialon, som den eneste forhandler. Wialon er verdens største aktør af software til sporing af GPS udstyr.

Nyt telefonnummer

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Vi skifter telefonnummer til +45 36 99 21 11

Secureshop in Brasil

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Secureshop starts at the end of February 2019 office in Brazil. Why Brazil? Hans Henrik says: "Since I was a trade officer at the Consulate General in São Paulo in 1994, I have had close relations with the country. My cohabitant for 20 years, Adriana Gomes, comes from São Paulo and with a total market potential of +200 million people and with new political trade wins, I believe that we can establish a healthy business in Brazil, "says Hans Henrik.

Secureshop nu officiel forhandler af Thumper

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Secureshop has now become an official dealer of Canadian Thumper - https://www.thumpermassager.com/dealers/

Hans Henrik says: "We commercialize Thumper because they are the original inventor of the massages we see on the market today and that they are top solid quality that our customers demand and can benefit from for years. You feel it as so soon as you take one of their products in your hands - quality from az. We are proud to represent them here in Denmark! " finishes Hans Henrik.

Solpaneler til ethvert brug

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Secureshop wants to negotiate quality solar panels for Danish and international consumers. Hans Henrik says: "In our world of pollution, it's time for a webshop to focus on power solutions that we as consumers can quickly and easily install. It's in the home, on the camping ground, in the garage, in the stable or in the house - well in almost all the situations where electricity is needed in addition to the common power supply. We all talk about green energy, which makes incredible sense with the Co2 numbers we see today - at Secureshop we are doing something about it by offering a wide range of products that consumers and private companies and public sectors can make use of - easy and hazzel free, "concludes Hans Henrik

You will find solar panels in our webshop from 1st December 2018

Kitvision - NYT design

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Kitvision opgraderer deres design til en mere moderne udseenden i sort/grå farver. De gode egenskaber er de samme.

H10 - GPS tracking ur med SOS knap og hjertemonitor og pedometer

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Vi er glade for at kunne introducere dette unikke ur, som er gennemtænkt med hensyn til funktionalitet, brugervenlighed og design. Ideelt til ældre og børn, der har brug for overvågning og enkelt knap til SOS-kald til et foruddefineret nummer.

Most economic GPS tracker

by Hans Henrik Danevig

A GPS tracker for any wallet for DKR 249 - Denmark's cheapest GPS tracker without compromising on quality. The SS-G900 is outstanding in power tension as it can put on batteries from 9-100V = all cars, motorcycles, boats and lorries. At the same time it spores with approx. 5-10 meters security. The SS-G900 is the latest GPS tracker from Secureshop.

STILLA Motion movement alarm

by Hans Henrik Danevig

Brilliant - nothing less! Why is nobody ever thought of such a thing watching your things at the slightest movement. How often do you not be in the train, the airport or anywhere else and just have to close your eyes a bit and want your things to be safe. With Still Motion Motion Alert, you're sure to be informed if your things move. Brilliant! Look here.

Thumper Sport

by Hans Henrik Danevig

With the negotiation of Thumper products, Thumper Sport is now also in stock - in new design and unique quality. Thumper Sport is not only quality, but a device you want to use over and over as it relieves all your muscles and joints. Thumper Sport is the best selling massager in the world.