Why Thrumper

Take it from the pros. Thumper® is the first choice of chiropractors, massage therapists and professional athletes in treating muscle aches and tension. In fact, Thumper Massagers are used by over 200,000 professionals worldwide.

Here’s why: You feel a Thumper massage throughout your body, not just on the surface of your skin.

How Thumper® Massagers are different:
  • Thumpers are percussive. Thumpers offer steady, comfortable pulsations that penetrate through all the muscle layers even the thickest muscles releasing tension and fatigue. Thumpers do not vibrate.
  • Thumpers are direct drive. The energy of the motor is sent efficiently and directly into the muscle you wish to massage. You will not feel your whole body “shaking” while using Thumper Massagers.
  • Thumpers are dynamically balanced. The massage energy does not “creep” back to the handle or casing of the massager. No kickback to your hands or casing.
  • Thumpers are strong. No mistaking these models with Far East imports. Thumpers are reliable, as well as built to last and to sustain professional use.
  • Thumpers offer a deep tissue massage with no work. Typical vibrators skim over the skin surface and require added pressure to get deeper. Thumper’s perpendicular “up & down” action travels into the muscle 1/4 inch deep, 28 times per second – a form of “trigger point” effect which is diminished if extra pressure is applied. Just “park” it. Thumpers do the work, not you!
  • Thumpers are precision built in Canada. Developed by professionals who know and understand massage. With thirty years of massage manufacturing experience, we offer 2 years warranty. All our units are assembled by hand and tested thoroughly before leaving our factory.
  • Thumpers work well on both thick and thin muscles. Thumpers are fully adjustable to the person or body part you wish to massage.